Length:36 feet
Hieght:12 feet at the hips
Whieght:over 9 tons
Life Span:87 years
Feathers: Moderated but still a significant amount










Triceratops was one of the last and most famous dinosaurs to walk this planet. It was a large 


The Triceratops

animal and with three very large horns. These would be used for defense with its large shielf as well as mating contests. It is often Matched up against the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex as they would have fought.

Useage of Frill and Horns

The useage of the frill and horns have been heavily debated. As Jack Horner showed the horns and frill would be flat and sticking up  and as they aged the frill would rise up and the horns would curve down. This shows that they were juvinile and would not enter competition. At full maturity the horns would be used in contests where males would lock horns and shove each other until one backed down. They also could be used for goring and the frill would protect the neck.

Useage of Feathers

Triceratops had  quill like fathers on the tale and smaller ones in other areas. These feathers would be usually dull for camoflauge. However in breeding season, they would be vibrant for males as they would complement the horns and frill, creating an impressive diplay that could scare predators such as Tyrannosaurus making them useful.

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