Bureaucrats are the highest leaders of the wiki. They have the ability to promote to any local position, and demote anyone who's not already a Bureaucrat as well. Bureaucrats are automatically granted Administrator rights.

List of Bureaucrats

  Tyrannosaurus_Rex2.02456 (Head of Command) (Founder)

List of Administrators

  Dekoda192 (Administrator)

List of Discussion Moderators

  Dekoda192 (Discussion Moderator)
  ThatoneAWC2.0 (Discussion Moderator)
  Devries Macy16 (Discussion Moderator)

List of Rollbacks

  Dekoda192 (Rollback)

Content Moderators

  Dekoda192 (Content Moderator)

Chat Moderators

  Geometry Dash Pro19344848 (Chat Moderator)

Should you need any help with editing or reporting

contact Dekoda192  or Tyranno !