Length:12 feet 
Hieght:4 feet 
Life span:65 years 
Feathers:Quills and small amounts on the back









Species:H. ischigualastensis Herrerasaurus was one of the first dinosaurs to exist, living in the part of Pangaea that is now Argentina. At the time it was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs making it top predator of the ecosystem. Using it's blade like teeth it would eat small animals and scavenge.  However it was not one of the smartest dinosaurs which was a limitation to its hunting abilities.

Skeletal Build

Although the build is very primitive in dinosaur evolution, it was mostly built for speed making it a light and deadly dinosaur that would chase down it's prey. The jaws and claws, though primitive still are deadly to it's victims and it could easily kill a human. However it would primarily hunt small creatures such as Eoraptor but it would eat larger animals. 

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