length:46 feet 
Hieght:14 feet at the hips 
Whieght:8-9 tons 
Life Span:70-80 years 
Feathers:A considerable amount










Species:G. carolinii

Giganotosaurus was one of largest meat eating dinosaurs, bigger than T.rex. It primarily hunted sauropods like Argentinosaurus. It also was capable  of huntng smaller animals to. It also had large arms with claws and slashing teeth that would be d 

Giganotosaurus carolinii klein1 fa74

evastating. at the time it was the largest predator in its area.

Predator Prey 

Giganotosaurus is most famous for hunting the giant sauropods in the area such as Argentinosaurus. They would gang up and hunt a sauropods. They would trap a select prey item and isolate it. Then they would attack in rounds, killing the victim from blood loss, shock and exhaustion.  It's more slender build and slashing claws and teeth were ideal for this job. As well as being slender it was large, allowing it to catch prey and kill it.

Skeletal Build

With a more slim build, the Giganotosaurus would be relativley fast, but as powerful. This build would be ideal for attacking large herds of sauropods and taking them down quickly and efficiently. This would make it a terrifying predator.

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