These are the guidlines that are to be followed when creating a new page for this wiki


  1. ALL CONTENT MUST BE FACTUAL. No false information will be allowed.
  2. No spamming in the comments.
  3. Do not harras the creator of a page.
  4. Do not take credit for all of the information displayed. If you used any websites or books, please leave the name of the book or a link to the website in a space on your page.
  5. Do not create a troll page. Doing so will end with the automatic deletion of that page.
  6. Please put the page in its corresponding category. While this will result in no punishment, it will help make this wiki easier to navigate.

Page Creation Guidelines

All pages must follow these guidelines.

Name: The scientific name, and the normal name of the dinosaur or bird.

Length: The minimun and maximum lengths of the animal, plus its length depending on gender.

Height: The maximum and minimun height of the animal, plus its differences between genders

Weight: The maximum and minimun weight of the animal, plus the differences between genders.

Lifespan: Please include the minumun lifespan of the animal.

feathers (if any): Needed if the animal has feathers.

classifications: What makes this animal easily classifieble.

info-basic: Basic info of the animal

info special: Special info about the animal.

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