Length:32 feet   
hieght:11 feet
whieght:5 tons
Life span: 70 years
Feathers: Moderated, some on the back, the head, possible quills on neck.









Genus:Allosaurus Allosaurus was a late jurassic predator. It was fast and most of the time would take out prey such as Stegosaurus and Dryosaurus, using their speed to catch up to fast prey items such as dryosaurs and seizing them in their mouths or flanking a Stegosaurus and using it's deadly claws and slashing teeth to wear down a victim. They are also famous for taking out large sauropods by ganging up, sperating them from the herd, and killing it.

Skeletal build

The skeletal build of Allosaurus is a strong supporting factor in what it was believed to do. The build is light, slender, and agile. This would allow it to be fast and agile, allowing it to dodge attacks from the deadly prey it would hunt. Then using it's blade like teeth and claws, it would hit and run until prey died.


The allosaurus had a curious social behavoir. They would frenquently gang up to kill large Sauropods but fossils show evidence of canibalism.

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